Marilyn Monroe may have been onto something

A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left. -Marilyn Monroe

Are you surprised by who said that? The perfect bombshell who could get any man she desired? The woman who still has men groveling at her feet?  Why would she say this? Well, I think Marilyn Monroe knew what men liked while at the same time realizing the truth about them. Her legacy points out what is really about: looks and that won’t change. The most women can do is play the game and milk it until they’re time is out meaning they get older. However this can be done without winding up bitter and lonely. You see, many women believe men will give them the emotional satisfaction they are craving and as long as they believe it is there, they will continue searching. Ant they continuously get broken hearts. What women should realize is that the problem isn’t with them but there is a much bigger picture out there. And they compose of the other gender. Men are incapable of giving what Nicholas Sparks or Titanic gives us. And it might be sad when you first realize this but ultimately it can lead to a much happier life. I wouldn’t call myself a feminist because I’m not trying to change people. I would advise women not to only play the game but play by their own rules. The new Marilyn is Kim Kardashian and she’s got it right. Almost


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