Ah, the million dollar question to which everyone has an answer for. Men might say sex, babies, and kitchen. Hell, even some women may say this. Scientists would say babies. Feminism would say “Whatever the hell they want to be good for!” What’s the correct answer? What if I said all of them? Let’s face it ladies, we women were made to have sex with men and populate the earth. That’s our main purpose. Scientifically speaking. And before you get your panties in a wad, remember men were made for that too: have sex with women and impregnate them so they could populate the earth. Now lets’ move onto socially speaking. Way back in the day before my existence the ideal family was the husband going out to work and providing for the wife and kids while the wife stayed home, maintained the household, and made sure everyone ate. This has been the arrangements for the longest time. Now you may say that gender roles are degrading and women should be freed from them but then that means men should be too right. Now before you say yes, lets consider what men giving uo their gender roles mean. Sorry housewives, get off your ass and work. Oh and protect yourselves. Most police officers, soldiers, firefighters, etc. are men. That car you’re driving: man. That road upon which the car is driving: man. I could go on and on but I hope you get the picture. Men’s gender roles consist of provider, protector, inventor, and much more. Women’s gender roles are having babies and maintaining the household. I think the issue feminism has is that unfortunately that is all women are valued for. But you can only be valued for what you and contribute and for centuries, babies are what women contributed to society. If women want to be valued for more than mothers, then they must contribute more than motherhood. I, however, think being a fantastic and loving mother is he best contribution of all. All the famous inventors, musicians, etc. who are mostly men came form a woman. Thank you Mozart’s mother!



The Million Dollar Question


“So stick by his side I know there’s dudes balling and yeah that’s nice And they gonna keep calling and trying but you stay right girl And when you get on he leave your ass for a white girl” Now why do you question women’s loyalty? No matter how good of a significant other we are, we will still be replaced by another model right? So why not get what we can while we can. Also, O think a woman’s loyalty to a man is connected with her financial need of him. Meaning that is he’s her only or biggest source of income, she’s less likely to stray. Of course, this is my opinion and no absolute research has been done. But there’s much more to this Kanye West line than meets the eye. This is about black women and how no matter what, we’re always going to lose. Especially when competing against white women. You think I’m exaggerating? Kanye’s ex Amber Rose is as equally if not better looking than his wife Kim Kardsahian, yet he felt the need to trash her like their two years together meant nothing. Amber Rose can be identified as black and is considered black royalty. She is lauded by black men for her light skin and curves. Nonetheless, she is still black. Black women do not give black men a sense of accomplishment as white women do. No matter how successful or rich a black man is, that money won’t make him feel complete until he has some eye candy he can show off and be proud of. SO where does this leave black women? Honestly, I don’t know since I’m still figuring things out myself. The purpose of my blog isn’t to make anyone feel better or offer advice. I’m merely stating how I see the world. It is up to you, the reader, to decide what you want to do with what you’ve read.

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